More Information About Mortgage Brokers

*The estimated monthly mortgage payment displayed with each listing, is calculated using  the following basic values:

  • 5% Down-payment on the first $500,000 of the total asking price.
  • 10% Down-payment on the remainder, for any property over $500,000
  • 3.2% Interest rate, with an amortization period of 25 years. Note that 3.2% represents the current variable prime lending rate average, and is subject to change regularly.

Every individual mortgage is different, and your monthly payment amount will be different from this basic estimation depending on your individual situation.

Find a Mortgage That Fits!

At 2% Realty, we recommend contacting a Mortgage Broker to find the best mortgage to fit your budget. While many people attain mortgage financing directly from their bank, a Mortgage Broker can help you evaluate a wider range of options than you will find with a typical bank. Down-payment requirements, CMHC insurance, variable vs. fixed interest rates - these all will impact your total monthly mortgage amount, and the advice of a licensed expert can be extremely valuable. 

Stacey Mass - CME Mortgage Broker2% Realty Recommends Stacy Mass with Canadian Mortgage Experts, powered by Dominion Lending Centers.

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